I really enjoyed the aikido lessons a lot and found them helpful in several ways. For example: the visualization of stress and how to handle it by absorbing the energy and using it, was helpful.

The exercise with multiple attackers (randori) is exactly like a stressful day with the world spinning around me – I learned to center and visualize the world becoming still around me.

During the aikido sessions I realized how stress affects me, how I can feel cornered and what actions I can take to get out of the corner, accepting it and choosing what to do instead of getting swept away or stuck.  

The aikido centering exercise was helpful – it helps me relax when I feel tensed or stressed out, it helps me lower my heart rate, and I feel less shortness of breath.

Respond to what life has to offer – that was my take-home message from the aikido sessions – respond in a meaningful and productive way rather than impulsively react.

I really liked the aikido lessons – they helped me relax after a long day and helped me deal better with daily life issues and problems.