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Welcome to the website of the DESTRESS study!

On this website you will find more information about the study, why it is important that you should participate, what kind of programs we provide and what you can expect as a participant.

The DESTRESS (DEcrease STress through RESilience training for Students) study is designed to reduce chronic stress and burnout among all students (Bachelor, Master, Doctoral, PhD) in fields related to health care, public health, medicine, psychology and life sicences at, or affiliated with, the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

All students at the Erasmus University Rotterdam in healthcare-related fields (either at Erasmus MC or Campus Woudestein) are eligible to participate in the study, whether they are currently stressed or not. Our aim is to collect information about perceived stress, now and in the future, and to evaluate interventions that may help. In the future we plan to expand the study to also include students nationally and healthcare professionals.

Are you a student in Rotterdam in a healthcare field? Then you can participate in the study! Whether you feel stressed or not, you can contribute by taking part. Go through this website to learn more. Group-based interventions will be in English or Dutch or both, as appropriate for the participants in that group.

Do you have questions regarding participation or other topics? Feel free to contact us by using the contact form here.

Registration is now closed.

In the week of the 12th of April, you will receive more information. The resilience training programs will start in the week of April 19th. For any questions do not hesitate to contact us via the “contact” tab or e-mail at: DESTRESS@erasmusmc.nl.

Master thesis in the DESTRESS-Team

We are currently looking for medical students who want to do their Master Research thesis (Masteronderzoek) in the DESTRESS-team.


You will be responsible for initiating and doing a research project with the current data and helping in the proces of data collection.


If you are interested, please contact prof. dr. M.G.M. Hunink, at m.hunink@erasmusmc.nl or e.kroos@erasmusmc.nl (management assistant E. Kroos)