Daily life can be demanding because you have to balance multiple responsibilities at the same time: education, work, family, friends and last but not least self-care. We all want to meet the expectations of being a good student, a good partner and a good friend. This often results in stress, worries and the feeling of never doing it right. We create our own stress!

Most of the time we live and act without asking ourselves why we are doing certain things and whether this is the most convenient choice for this particular situation. It is like we are acting on automatic pilot. The advantage of this way of functioning is that it saves us a lot of time, we don’t have to think about every decision. However, a disadvantage of this daily routine in automatic pilot is that we are no longer aware of the small remarkable things happening around us. As a result our emotions flatten and we experience that life flies by.    

Mindfulness is about waking up from a life on automatic pilot and being sensitive to the novelty in our everyday experiences. Mindfulness is a way to approach life and boils down to living in a more conscious manner. This means that you actively pay attention to your surroundings and look at everyday experiences with an open and curious mind, while objectively analysing what is happening in the moment.

There are two variants of the mindfulness intervention. Click on a format for more information.

Blended format

E-health format

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