The Yoga sessions during the corona quarantine period are given twice every weekday from 9 and 17 o’clock. Your are free to decide which time is best for you.

The yoga intervention consists of weekly 1.5-hour classes taught by a qualified instructor. The program is based on Ashtanga yoga, a dynamic and traditional yoga system to develop physical and mental strength & calmness. Movement is synchronized with breath, and postures are followed in a specific sequence. These tools help to draw awareness inside the body and allow the mind to settle and focus. With practice and understanding, a moving meditation will unfold. This practice combines the benefits of a physical and mental workout.

Ashtanga yoga can be practiced by everyone. The program is targeted at all levels. No yoga experience or flexible body required. Just an open mind and willingness to commit and meet yourself!

In addition, you are encouraged to practice at home. Of course it does not all unfold in eight weeks…

You will receive further information by email if you are selected for this program.

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